Saturday, May 31, 2003

sports updates!
hockey boys win!! yay!!
darryl (lim kah hian) missed out qualifying for masters final by 40 pins! doh!!
tennis final next week! be there or be square!

Friday, May 30, 2003

wah!! today on the way to rugby final..i was waiting for the bus to come..den got chance to cut to front of queue to board bus..but guess what..yes i Hum (again) so i stay at back and wait.. anyway i reached there a bit late..haiya we so suay lose by 2 pt only..got one penalty hit the woodwork sia..how liddat how? closest in 6 year still cannot win!! haiyah how liddat how? this is the last year we have chance..its downhill from next year on..i think i should have join rugby lah..dun see me look small and useless one..actually i have one very special power..no contrary to popular belief i cannot fly..but rather i can sneak in a try, cos im very good at sneakiness!! my mad skillz are mad sia!! considering as i practise all the time on my friends. as long as i not as kelong as when i was playing basketball can already..wah that time i really Kelong King man..
today is a day worth mourning for the ruggers.. quite sad...they scored the try den no time to celebrate whstle blow and they just... bam!!! really cruel man!!! wah lao den the refree like enjoy seeing the game stuck at one corner liddat..just keep calling for scrum..
aiyah enuff of rugby....mr shah now owes us a box of potato chips...ha his potato chips is some clandestine brand...selling at 300g pack for 2 dollars something i think? whoa exotic one leh got black pepper flavour somemore!!
oh ya wait how i could i forget man!!! when asked what animal he wanted to b, lui said chicken and fish!!! whoa good choice lui!!!!
wonder what his reasoning was...maebe he too stupid...or maebe he kena mesmerised by the picture of the chicken on this site...the uteerly disgusting wet headed sloopy flop of a shrivelled chicken head!!!..den wa!! of all choose fish....hmm think after deep blue sea he thinks being a big big shark can eat up humans so he think they veri cool liao loh!!!oh maebe he think scout hike too much alreadi so must start swimming a little bit more...dunno lah!! aniwae think lui wont mind all these..just jackpotted $10 from jervis for the rugby match....what a bugger!!! but actualli he was slightly more righteous than jervis...who betted on a RJC disaster!!!
cham lah...just checked my race and they sae it extends to 100km....how?..... tell me liddat how?...jervis sae should pull out when i can...ya pull out the most!!! well watever....onli got twenty teams just need to beat 18 onli....can one!!!

ohh yah i realised that i had answered one part of the psychometric test(which is part of the NS medical check-up) totally wrongly..as in konok..nil..naught...help!! they going to put me at the frontlines alreadi!! i hum! i hum!! u think can appeal 1 or not ar? <:P
today was the annual rugby finals that the whole school goes for...i had my bus ticket and was all ready to go..however there was a really really long queue to board the buses and the game was going to start soon..lui and rence immediately chionged to get to the bus while i decided to wait for the bus to come to me..din work out well for me..i missed the first 15min of the game..anyway..upon reaching the police academy i called jervis to find out where everyone was..i asked if he was standing along the breadth or length of the field..jervis replied that he was on the length..i looked around me and saw that the AC supporters with all their yellow and blue emblems and flags were on the left flank while all the RJ supporters waving the green black and white enthusiastically about was on the right flank..feeling totally confused i promptly asked which side jervis was on...
ok so RJ lost the game 13-11..it was a really close fight..we almost had them!! it was not to be..and for the sixth year in a row i went home a saddy birdie...<:(

Thursday, May 29, 2003

im so sad today...had to skip school to go for NS medical check-up..i missed the exciting gadgets we get to play with in physics lab..i missed writing my GP essay..i missed the all so important civics and i missed chem lect!! i din get to see Uncle Tan!! i came back for PE tho...cos i couldnt bear to skip anymore lessons..it was a heart-wrenching experience..i need school...i need work..i need discipline! anyway i got PES A for NS..yay! i can go become commando and do cool stuff like bungee jumps and parachuting!! beat that man..<:P

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Hey hey people….looked through my photo album today…then decided to share some of my childhood pictures with you all cause I’m a nice sweet bird….

My older brother and me
Guess which one am I?
Of course the big, strong one lah…quite obvious I thought…dunno why when I showed my friends they couldn’t tell leh…
Quite stupid ah they all…

My older brother after a fight with meWell i won the fight (wat were u expecting?) and my bro din look too well after that..

ohh yeaa..i realise that my family tree is actually veri cool..i've got a really famous uncle!! bet u seen him before..

Handsome rite?!!
My mother says I get my looks from him…so cool…
But my uncle actually quite sad lah…
His wife died while she was singing in Shrek…
No photo cause she was kinda…erm…exploded….not suitable for my blog which is wholesome with a childlike ignorance like me….

Ok lah…next time then show you all more photos….<:P

new music..comments?

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

during break today, lui told me that my nose hair was stickin out! immediately i turned red hopin that that would camouflage it! sigh then they tried to take a photo of it, i turned even redder. actually i was trying to apply my physic! i learn that light radiates photons and if the photons are absorded into the line spectra it would form a black line! wah so smart right, like that the camera will turn only a black pic! haha aniwae i managed to snatch the camera phone from shiwei but then he made a scene and i guess how i manage to salvage the situation! when he was grabbing my hand to get the camera back i shouted: " eh y you hold my hand?" so smart right? I FEEL SO SMART! k better go and mug now before i ITE!
Bird's Physics Tip of the Day
today i said, "eh dun use such a big coin lah, toss already sure lose one.."
u see, if the coin is smaller, it will be able to reflect higher quantity of light per unit area into your eye..so tossing a smaller coin is safer as it is easier to see...wah lau i learn so much during physics S~~!!
my beloved class went to lido to watch Bowling in Columbine today..supposed to be a learning journey...the show..or documentary rather was about guns and violence in the US..down there all the Wal-Marts and K-Marts sell guns and ammo..and after watching the show i fully understand why we, as singaporeans, cannot buy guns here in singapore...i feel so enlightened!! it's because we dun have Wal-Marts and K-Marts here in singapore!! we only have NTUC!!! well done singapore...ay..but i got a tingling doubt in my head..if got no Wal-Mart and K-Marts here..den the police get guns from where ar? dun tell me Cold Storage got sell mehh??

Monday, May 26, 2003

today is "be nice to bird day"..so during the break after econs everyone was nice to me...help me clear my plate, buy soya bean, buy fruits, buy drumstick (half eaten).. den at 12 "be nice to bird day" ended and everyone started bombing me again

wah lau..today kena bomb by mrs lim guat ching again despite redoing my econs essay..i think might have to re-re-do my essay..sianz lah..mebbe must be like my chem prac liddat..do 5 times (at least) den can...
den later during chem test..claypot sia..5/20..lose to everyone..even lose to xm and rence..
why i so stoopid har? no cannot say that..must study!! work hard!! chao piah!! one day must show everyone!!

Sunday, May 25, 2003

since i havn't done anything stupid today
i shall find something stupid to say

Top 5 things i luv about the east
5) everyone lives in the east, you know, me, samuel, bird and a few others
4) wide expanses of grass and mud for me to hike on
3) i swear the sun is hotter in the east
2) it takes forever to get anywhere
1) the buses all go round and round in circles without actually going anywhere

alrite! my random surfing has landed me a powerful tagline..haha..sooo powerful!

The BIRD Tagline
"Don't play stupid with me.......I'm better at it!" <:P
last night supposed to come and add but oops fell aslleep

whoa yesterdae was so fun!!! went to surprise zixuan at ps..but k like it was any suyrprise liddat....went into some shop with lui and XM den come out jervis and her were alreadi there liao...hai stupid lui led us into the shop! all his fault lah
den after that went to her house...really like black hawk down ah!! started to lose pple even on the short way to the bus stop!!! amazing man....aniwae we proceeded to her house...

we played games at her house....yea think i screwed up quite a few games la...but the scolding i receive was like catastrophic disaster i caused liddat..i mean not everyone was born to be so expert in games rite?? can be good in other things ma!!! well mi just kept getting scolded and scolded...ahh!!!! murderer kena scolded , charades kena scolded, eat potato chips also kena bomb...met hockey guys along the wae also kena! wa lao!!!!!!! something wrong with these people man,not mi fault at all!!! actualli not everyone lah...maybe one person liddat onli...eh u dun go too far ah!!

...go listen to this song if u have time... (hao xin fen shou-candy lo)....
pissed off liao la!!

oh oh anwae happi bdae once again zx!

ok..came home feeling kinda bored after all the activity so i went on another random surfing spree...and i managed to find the TOP 20 oxymorons! haa..so check this out man.. <:P

20. Government Organization
19. Alone Together
18. Personal Computer
17. Silent Scream
16. Living Dead
15. Same Difference
14. Taped Live
13. Plastic Glasses
12. Tight Slacks
11. Peace Force

10. Pretty Ugly
9. Head Butt
8. Working Vacation
7. Tax Return
6. Virtual Reality
5. Dodge Ram
4. Work Party
3. Jumbo Shrimp
2. Healthy Tan
1. Microsoft Works

Saturday, May 24, 2003

we also played charades..during my first turn to act out something, i just started flapping my arms wildly and giggling like a girl and turning red like some overripe tomato, ..and when everyone just stared blankly at me..i couldn't help it..i just blurted the answer..man am i brilliant or what.. later during my last turn i was supposed to act out "the thirteenth warrior".. i stuck up one finger to indicate that it was only one word..and everyone was really stupid about it.. they kept guessing like thirteen, thirteenth, until -finally- someone guessed "the thirteenth warrior"..then everyone started to scold me..they said "the thirteenth warrior" was three words.
i mean like d-u-hh!! "thirteenth" is like, a number, not a word!! and like "the" is not a real word either, u know.... <:P
finally something exciting happened today..mi beloved class went to swensens for a surprise zixuan birthday party!! yeaa..actualli it din come to much of a surprise in the end due mostly in part to mi lousy planning..aniwae we went to swensens and cut the cake that rence baked..betcha din know about rence the baker...haha..yah ok so after that we headed to zixuan's house where we played "murderer"..the card game..it was there that i realised shiwei might just be a little gay after all..cos during the game he kept looking at me and winking at me...of cos i was taken aback and chose to look away and continue eating the 2 packets of potato chips which i had so cleverly hogged all to myself...shiwei continued winking at me and he seemed to be getting more at more pissed at mi refusals to his advances...im not gay ok!! yah aniway..for some reason everyone started scolding me for not playing the game properly...sighh..it really is hard being me...i would like to dedicate this song to me myself and bird...

I can’t stand to fly
I’m not that naive
I’m just out to find
The better part of me

I’m more than a bird…I’m more than a plane
More than some pretty face beside a train
It’s not easy to be me


Friday, May 23, 2003

more on my feelings about ns..im really looking forward to it cos there's like free food and lodging and clothes and the cool free new balance shoes and yeah that's pretty cool and like yeah i get to like go on hikes and long route marches and outdoor camps you know the stuff i luv normally... but most importantly i luv being shouted at, being scolded and abused..i luv getting instructions and obeying them..i luv discipline and authority...
oh and did i mention you get paid $300 or something a month?! how cool is that!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2003

today was a bad day and got a bad injury to sum it up. played squash with lui today n i think he got irritated that he too lousy. he den swung the racket, missed the ball and hit my arm onli. what a cheater!!! ya but after that he veri happy so good for him lah!! leave me with my bruised arm only.look like some stupid cane ,ark for juvenile delinquints but well its lui so nvm
hmmm today actualli wuite uneventful....wait got physics prac in the com lab. aiyah dunno what the lui is doing one his graph all like drawing dinosaur liddat!!! but at least he thrashed XM in pikachu lah...well done lui!
ya actually i wonder why people keep calling other people stupid. i mean look at "them " lah!!! one whole day play ball, one whole day come class and sneak through the tutorials, hmm wait at least the other one provides water...
think all should learn from rence the kind and benevlent monk!
k i gettin sleepy liao....remember ah this entry is not by bird at all man!!! haha!!
oh wait today got my all time career high for econs s essay..haha watch out man!!!!!!!!

shiwei and jervis went for their NS medical check up today..im going for mine next week..im really looking forward to NS..just think about it..got free food, cool shoes to wear, funky green uniforms, free air tickets to exotic locations like malaysia and thailand, free use of the gym, and they give you pocket money summore!! in the words of rence "goody goody goody"..cant wait man! i want to get PES A so i can join commandoes..then got free parachuting and bungee jumping..how fuN! <:P

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

hmm..a rather uneventful day for me todae..surprisingly din manage to conjure up any moments of magic to post here...well..anyway i find my latest photo to be quite bad..sorry about it..i was having a bad hair day and i think the cameraman wasnt really paying attention when he snapped the photo..i will try my best to get a new one soon!
Bird Quote of the Day :"You never know what you're going to get, until you get it" <:P

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

oh for those who are unclear of that picture below..i have decided to adopt a personal motto..that will be it..actually i remembered some quote from the movie Adaptation..it goes "When in doubt, just screw everything and walk straight" i actually almost wanted to adopt that as mi motto man..but then i thought..wait in front got wall how???
sigh life is hard..but physics test was really good..i will keep droning on about it..if i dun get full marks for physics..my name is not Bird!!
still got 150 more hits to go before we reach the millenium mark..gosh i never knew my blog would be so popular...HEY! wait a minute..why don't we create a blog for someone else? den we can blackmail him with it..hmm..great idea man..think i'll discuss it with my truly caring and nice classmates...<:P

only that im not acting that's all..
today had physics test..sure A one.. then chem QA test..also jack.. i found out i lost about 4 or 5 friends' test-tubes..had to run about the school looking for people to borrow from..then later in the day i found out our econs teacher whom i shall not name said i was stupid!! how liddat how? study more loh..what to do
today, finally, the day of the physics lec test and chem prac test. and u know what?? i couldn't find my test tubes!!!! someone must have stolen them! altho i can't imagine who would want to steal my test tubes. hmm.. on second thoughts, maybe they just wanted to take my box of test tubes cuz it, well, belongs to me! hm.. now i'm beginning to feel honoured...

anyway, halfway through the prac, i spilled the contents onto my test paper... sigh.. i know u all gonna say how 'me' this is right?? heyy i'm not always so clumsy and stupid okayy.. after all, i've only messed up.. like.... erm, once every test! rmr the chem prac theory test? ya i screwed it up too.

oh, today, zixuan asked me to go play squash, but i went there and the squash players were training!!!!! haiyah! so i went up the gallery to take a glimpse of them and guess who i saw?!?!?!?!?! yes! *****! her looong flowy hair.... flawless skin... toned legs... ahhhh... and then i remembered lui's failed attempt in the canteen the other day while trying to take her photo with lawrence's phone

Monday, May 19, 2003

ahh! got physics lecture test and chem QA test tmrw!! how liddat how? i think i gotta stay till 5am tonite to study..den i will take a shower and eat breakfast and leave for school at 5.30am cos i leave in PASIR RIS..gotta start mi preparation for QA test now..shall go practise looking at different colours to train mi eyes..wish me luck! <:P

and for all those who think im so stupid as to take oral temperature immediately after taking rectal temperature..im NOT! hah!! do i look stupid to u? i cleaned the thermometer by taking temperature at my armpit before taking mi oral temperature..so there!
today we all got our free thermometers...i took my rectal temperature first and got a reading of 37.3!! i was wondering why it was so high so i took it out and put it in my mouth..it tasted a bit funny..anyway my mouth reading was 36.something~ so yah im sars free according to my rectal and oral indicators

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Wow the retarded things i can find when i am not studying... i think i got a talent in this. How i add hyperlink arh it doesnt seem to work i think i just do it the low-tech way.
This site kept me happy for like 2 hours, but then again i am a dumb bird.
here's another sweet animation on the web, its in chinese too, check it out~!!

Saturday, May 17, 2003

SARS update --> i learnt that my friend's cousin's friend's friend had gotten sars a months ago, that same friend's cousin's schoolmate also kena sars!! even though it was more than a month ago, i think i am still in danger!! how liddat how?! i think i shall quarantine myself!! oh shit i just coughed..could it be SARS?! nooo....can sars be spread through internet?? i better log off now before--- wait i think i better...

ODAC PT todae was a killer..the sun was at its fiery worst and there were no clouds at all to protect us from its wrath..i could almost feel myself being baked to a tender juicyness..
sports update of the day --> Sixers bite the dust 4-2..bye bye A.I =(
congrats to joshua and the softballers for being A div champs! <:P

Friday, May 16, 2003

eh!! i am so not sorry for posting that link!! it's beautiful man!! go and see it!!
For girls only, click here...

plus new music! nice?
hey actually i am a nice guy at heart. i dunno why that jervis and lui keep scolding me... i am so nice and kindhearted. Look at me man i look so benign and sweet. u know i feel bad when i get scolded... when i go home i try to examine myself and learn from my mistakes but i cannot find anything wrong with me! i am just a bit red only what...
to the girls: oh oh i'm so sorry for that icky NC-16 link i posted ok?? stupid me i just wasn't thinking *as usual...* oh girls forgive me for thrusting that terrifying image in your faces!!!!

ps: luckily birdie-02 was sms-ing when the image loaded... hah!
ohh yea..sports update of the day --> L.A Lakers are out of the playoffs 4-2...hahh!! quack kwek!
MATRIX quote :"Know what happened has happened and couldn't happen any other way"
Bird Study Tip of the Day :"Understanding is NOT an option"
For guys only, click here (RA), here and here..
For girls only, click here...(NC-16 cause
its so mushy! ick)

For Mashimaro fans, click here...
If you liked Matrix 2, click here..
today i slept and slept and slept.. i didn't go out with the class cos i woke up a bit late (3pm) and i didn't go for the movie marathon cos i woke up too--...no who am i kidding..cos im hum..

lui has fixed the blog..remember when i said whoever solved it will be duly rewarded? well.. i was lying!! muahaha eat that..i luv it when my friends fall for my tricks..i still owe him $6 from that mcdonald's meal..he gave me $10 for a $4 meal and i never returned the change.. wah lau till today he still remember so petty! anyway whenever he ask for it i just give some damn niao3 answer.. usually a "huh? where got? where GOT? where got lah!? dun HAF lah!!" works..so there u can see how clever i am <:P

and why do i look so bird in my photo?

Thursday, May 15, 2003

ohh yeaa..and y are there all these strange numbers appearing before every post?? anyone with a clue on how to solve this strange phenomenon will be duely rewarded <:P
alas..i haf let jervis down for the 237th time this year..i called him at about 9.50 in the morning and told him i was going home to take a nap first...i den asked him wat time he was meeting the rest (he said about 1pm)..well as per usual..i assured him i will be there..and so i went to sleep and knowing that the meeting time was at 1pm..i promptly woke up at 3.10pm (which i knew would be too late for me to go alreadi) and told him dat i was veri tired..of course i tried to sound realli interested in going...anyway..the morale of the story is that mi trick has worked yet again!! a resounding success!! worked to absolute perfection!! performed by none other than the maestro himself!! truly a moment of magic!! <:P

on other note..how did juve come up 3-1 against real??¿¿!!
today, i took a new photo!!!!! i went to the jurong bird park and they helped me take a new passport size photo which i needed to hand in to school. i'm really excited leh!!! first time i look so nice in a photo!!! u all wanna take a look??? oops.. but i don't know how to post a link leh!!! how how how??? ah i get it. ---> my passport photo!!! - i wonder if this works....

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

ok anyway..more on school today..jamie reeves took over from seng kim todae...i think i finally can understand a bit of econs..but den again "it's easy to be outnumbered when you're zero" --- George of the Jungle
i feel kinda sad for seng kim..i mean he does everything by the book wat...hmm..by the book..i dunno why everyone laffed at me when i said he does everything by the book..do I? i mean i just go for every lecture regardless of lecturer..regardless of whether i understand anything..regardless of whether i got notes...den i cannot take a step beyond the school gate as long as it is before 12.30..like that only wat..very by the book meh?

got ODAC overnight hike tonite..i promised jervis i will go ice skating tmrw...i hope i wont haf to go back on my word for about the 237th time this year..it seems everyone is starting to understand my trick..if some1 asks me to watch a movie i will say see how first and den proceed home..den when the person calls about 2 hours later..i will say that im home alreadi and den apologise profusely..always works man!

some haf suggested turning this into a class blog..i think itz not too bad an idea..please leave yer email address at the tag board if u wish to participate..<:P
I just want bang bang bang!! to u-know-who..im just joking please dun be mad..
more from that site.. i want it that way
romeo and juliet

ok here's a really inspiring site --> Darwin's Awards, these people are really incredible, i think if i can't get a police scholarship ill try for the darwin's award..wish me luck

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

woww..my blog has got some many hits alreadi! wat a blockbuster opening...even has zixuan turning green with envy..hah!
anyway..hockey drew 2-2 with AC todae..i din go support as i had econs S..i finally come to realise that i dun really know much about econs S..how liddat how? actually i think if i keep going for econs S lecture i would someday understand everything..maybe it's like chem pract..if u do the experiment enough times..u mite just get it rite one time..as a guiding principle i like to do my experiments 5 (FIVE) times to play it safe..i think the strategy is working well..do try it everybody! <:P

P.S thursday is vesak day my beloved classmates..do try to go out with everyone else..XM suggests going karaoke..jervis suggests going ice skating..i think i mite haf ODAC..so i SEE HOW FIRST k?
ok today during physics prac i got gassed..what that means is that someone turned on the gas supply and tried to uh gas me..at least better than last time when i got double gassed (when two gas taps are turned on)..then during break i saw the hot babe and lui tried to take her picture using lawrences nokia camphone thing..he pretended to walk past and sms..but looks like he got caught..haha..den xm do magic trick on me during chem lec..ok what else. i got A for chem QA theory..were u expecting any other result <:P

Monday, May 12, 2003

Ok i stumbled upon this really cool game and i've been addicted to it ever since! i spend hours on it everyday..it's challenging and needs
brains and psycho motor.. Cool Game

Jervis wrote this for me..i think it is far better than lui's..but then again im a stoopid bird..check it out! <:P


I recall just the year before
at 11.50, i was at your door
I recall the 1st 3 months,
how i wished with you i could dance
i recall the many nights
thinking about the saddening fights
i recall all our words said
truly i believe it was all fat
i recall i recall i recall

and now i look at the stars
and now i look at the sky
oh be my light in the shroud of the past
oh gimme strength make me high

and now i look to tomolo
would it be filled with hate and sorrow
for today is your birthday
and now i just wanna say

-Jervis Bay
circa AD 2003

Today XM did a magic trick on me...but i dun get it lehh..he make one coin disappear and another appear in my pocket..like that is magic meh?
aiyahh..i need to go buy present now..make sure u all check my blog regurlarly for updates!!!!
This is a little something Lui wrote for me..i think it is very nice..enjoy <:P


My name is Bird
and tis' my story
I am a turd
for that I am sorry

It was her birthday
I bought her some presents
A pretty bouquet
And my lovely presence

I saw her face
PE, under the sun
so full of grace
such a pretty one

We met at Compass Rose
For dinner and dance
Our bodies were close
This was my chance

At eleven fifty
Finally it did occur
She said, "Please kiss me!!!"
And i kissed her.

- Lui
circa A.D. 2003

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