Friday, February 27, 2004

very interesting blog..esp the archives
"Welcome to the jungle
We've got fun 'n' games
We got everything you want

Welcome to the jungle
Watch it bring you to your
knees, knees
I wanna watch you bleed

Welcome to the jungle
It gets worse here everyday
Ya learn ta live like an animal
In the jungle where we play

You know where you are
You're in the jungle baby
You're gonna die
In the jungle"

im baaack from field camp!! 7 days of sianz in the hot tekong jungle. i stepped on shit. i crawled on thorns. i was shot at. i was starved. i dug my grave. did i mention i stepped on shit?
ok la not so drama la..quite ez actually. but anyways thank god its over!!

"To be born again, first you have to die.
To land upon the bosomy earth, first one needs to fly.
How to ever smile again, if first you won't cry?
How to win the darling's love, mister, without a sigh?"

curry flavour maggi mee and big mac and fries never tasted so good.. after seven days of combat rations you could have scooped some shit from the shithole and fed it to me and i would have gobbled it up..or not


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